Payroll Solutions

Achieving an accurate hassle-free payroll has never been simpler.


Ensuring that the individuals within a business are paid correctly and on time, every time has become a challenge for many businesses due to the ever-changing legislative landscape

Nova Payroll Solutions is fast becoming one of the leading outsourced payroll service providers in South Africa, specialising in customised, full-function payroll outsourcing solutions. We provide services to businesses across the country ranging from small owner-managed business to large, multi-national, multi-sited organisations.

Our services include

  • Full-function payroll administration.
  • Full SARS Employer reporting.
  • Electronic payslips directly to employees email inbox.
  • Electronic submission of SARS/UIF submissions.
  • Direct EFT transfer of all employees payments directly into their bank accounts.
  • Direct interfacing to related systems like the business accounting package.
  • Employment Equity record keeping: we are able to bring about cost improvements and efficiencies in the administration of the business payroll vs. In house payroll administration.

Outsourced payroll benefits

  • Complete payroll confidentiality
  • Ease of compliance with the relevant legislation affecting your payroll
  • The freeing up of time and resources that would otherwise have been dedicated to performing the payroll functions
  • Access to a dedicated team of payroll professionals with a wealth of experience and knowledge
  • Avoid risk of payroll fraud
  • Improved SARS compliance both in terms of the accuracy as well as the meeting of their periodic reporting requirements

Why outsource your payroll to us?

  • A team of payroll professionals dedicated to YOUR payroll
  • Employees’ payslips sent directly to your Inbox
  • The best service in the industry
  • Complete confidentiality
  • Monthly reports sent to you electronically
  • We ensure your payroll complies with the latest legislation
  • Monthly SARS returns & payments completed for you
  • Annual SARS returns & IRP5s completed electronically for you
  • Year-end headaches
  • Annual software license fees
  • Last-minute payroll processing
  • SARS penalties
  • Menial payroll issues getting in the way of running your business
  • Payroll staff turnover

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